it's less what the eye sees and more what the soul feels.

“This is my love song to you Let every woman know I’m yours So you can fall asleep each night, babe And know I’m dreaming of you more You’re always hoping that we make it You always want to keep my gaze Well you’re the only one I see And that’s the one thing that […]

Katie + Joe’s Wedding at Debonne Vineyard

August 4, 2015

“If I could be the reason your hair’s a mess, The bass drum beatin way down deep in your chest, If I could be the voice on your radio, Then I could be your long ride home. If mine could be the name that changes yours, The wine in your glass, The swing on your […]

Elise + Jake’s Wedding at Gervasi Vineyard

July 14, 2015

Come just as you are to me, Don’t need apologies, Know that you are worthy, I’ll take your bad days with your good, Walk through the storm I would, I do it all because I love you, I love you. Unconditional, unconditionally, I will love you unconditionally, There is no fear now, Let go and just be free, I will […]

Jacquelyn + Nick Married

September 10, 2014