Kate + Matt’s Wedding at The Wine Mill

“Man I love how Redman tastes
Dam I love my Nascar race
Any song sung by George Strait is country at it’s best
Yes I love good cold beer
And mustard on my fries
I love a good loud Honky Tonk that rocks on Friday nights
And hell yes I love my truck but I want you to know
Honey I love your love the most
Yea I love scuffed up cowboy boots
And broken torn up jeans
My 4-wheel drive and 8 point bucks
And rocky road ice cream
And hell yes I love my dog
And Jack D in my Coke
But honey I love your love

Yea I love your love
I love your love the most…” Eric Church


  1. Terry SuperChick Goodman says:

    Gorgeous job Kalyn. I especially love the stair shot angle and the wine/drink glass in focus shots. 🙂

  2. Suzanne O'Toole Capannelli says:

    Beautiful photos!!

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