Introducing…Nolan Erik Mann

Where have I been?!? Oh, just having a baby! Yes, he’s finally here and making his blog debut 🙂

Meet our little man, Nolan Erik. He was welcomed into our lives on Friday, October 5th at 4:01 PM. He weighed in at 7lbs, 7oz and was 21 inches long – and might I add, absolutely perfect and healthy. He’s 50% Adam and 50% me and 100% loved. We kept the name a secret, only because we had a laundry list of about 10 names we were considering, but Erik (after my Dad) was always a constant and we definitely wanted that part to be a surprise.

These first few weeks have just flown by and while I want to take a million pro photos of him (I do take a LOT of photos, but normally it’s with my iPhone all up in his sweet face) once he’s asleep and content, honestly, the last thing I want to do is wake him up by getting him out of his comfy clothes and trying some crazy Anne-Geddes-esque-posing.

At the end of the day (I’m exhausted…ha) I can’t believe he’s finally here with us and that I get to stare at his handsome little face all day long (which seems to change on a weekly basis, he’s growing and changing right before my eyes). And I don’t want to miss a single thing – from the quirky expressions, to the sleepy yawns, to the oh-so-happy smiles…it’s all too precious to pass up!

So, keep you eyes peeled for many more Nolan posts, I have a feeling we’re going to keep him around for awhile 🙂


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