Pinterest, How I Love Thee – Part 2 Wedding Faves

I’m still just as obsessed with Pinterest and I was a couple months ago when I posted this. And whenever I go a couple days without scoping out the newest “pins”, I feel seriously naked. Like, I-forgot-to-wear-my-wedding-ring-kind-of-naked. Forget going on vacation for a week with no Internet (Who does that anyways? This girl did, back in April) you will come back to a whole new world of cool things, I promise you.

So I thought it was only fitting (as a wedding photog) to do a post about my favorite trends – nuptial style – straight from Pinterest! And if any future bride out there, decides to incorporate all of these elements into her wedding day, call me ASAP because I will be in LOVE with you forever 🙂

(All photos were taken from my “Weddings & Events” inspiration board)


Color pallets! And not just with 2 colors anymore, make it a 4 color-scheme. Paint swatches and websites are a helpful tool! If you’re going to do it, do it all the way through from ceremony to reception and in all of your details. You’ll be happy you did it 100% as opposed to half-ass.

Custom-made programs – love the initials on the front and the linen texture.

Mason jars as candle holders – I see this for an outdoor tented reception, dripping with candle light.

A rose petal toss after the ceremony adds a different feel to the traditional “bubble” or “rice” exit. Holders can be old pages of books, how adorable! Bonus points if the book is of the love-poem category and has that library-smell.

Bouquets with vintage essence in a mixture of flowers & pearls. I would say even add some lace for more texture and vintage appeal.

This aisle is ridiculous. I realize there would have to be virtually no wind for this to stay in place, but even indoors, this would look amazing!

Barn weddings – a perfect combination of rustic elegance.

Textured cakes, almost makes them too pretty to eat ! Almost…

A really gorgeous up-do, with soft curls, even better if a few fall around your face for a romantic feel

And lastly, an amazing dress that moves when you do. Bonus points if it’s a Vera Wang.

  1. Carly says:

    you’ve given me much to think about.

  2. Carly says:

    you’ve given me much to think about.

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