Anita – Cleveland Portrait Photographer, Akron Portrait Photographer, Northeast Ohio Portrait Photographer

This is my dear friend Anita…and she’s gorgeous byyyytheway 🙂

I went to her with the idea of a high-fashion shoot and she was ALL over it! I have photographed her a couple times already, so I know how much my camera adores her face. Besides her face, she has a killer body. She is a die-hard yogi (aka someone who practices yoga very regularly as part of their everyday life…I think…or I just made that up) so she is kind of a photographer’s dream. We decided the perfect spot was Little Italy, mostly because I wanted to eat good food after we were done. But it really worked out perfectly!

And her fabulous hair/makeup/fashion-styling was done by my other dear friend, Sarah, who is co-owner of All Things Savvy – check them out for your next event! Sarah’s background is in interior design, but transfers her mad skills masterfully into photo-styling. She’s my go-to gal! Okay, so enjoy Anita, and try not to drool too much 🙂

  1. Anita Schisano says:

    SO much fun! Thank you for letting me be your subject – I have always loved fashion, photography, hair, makeup – so to actually do a shoot like this is a dreammmm! Your talent is awesomely awesome 😉 xo

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