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Boudoir photography is a form of expression. Some may think of it as Victoria’s Secret, Maxim or pin-up type photography. But the truth is – not all women are cookie-cutter when it comes to feeling beautiful and sexy. That’s why I call my boudoir sessions “Very Vogue”. If you look back to the ever-chic issues of Vogue magazine – you’ll find some of the most beautiful, timeless and still very sexy photographs. They ooze confidence, maturity and the beauty of a woman’s body all at the same time. I like to offer a range of accessories, clothing and shoes to go with any type of vogue-look: from lingerie and silk robes to men’s button-downs shirt and evening gowns – nothing is off limits when it comes to sexy – whether the images are for yourself or a significant other!

If you were to ask a woman when she feels her sexiest, I guarantee you would get a range of answers. Some would say “when I’m in a bra and panties”, others would say “when I’m in a dress and heels for a night out on the town”, and still others would say “when I’m lounging around in my boyfriend’s old t-shirt.” I know that I, personally, feel sexiest in a variety of things; when I’m on the beach in a bikini and aviators, when my husband and I are out on town and he can’t keep his hands off me because of the LBD I’m wearing, or when we go watch sports at a bar and I’m just hanging out in jeans and a jersey, drinking beer like one of the guys.

When I photograph a “Very Vogue” session, I like to get to know my clients a little bit beforehand. I ask them what areas of their bodies they absolutely love, and on the flip-side, what areas of their bodies they don’t love so much (we all have ’em ladies!). And then I ask them to send me a few “sample” images of what they see in their minds when they envision the session and the overall “feel”. Pinterest has been an amazing tool for this type of homework!

Below is a compilation of images from some recent “Very Vogue” sessions I hosted with some extremely gorgeous women! Enjoy 🙂


  1. Krystal says:

    Interested in prices and location. I would like to do a sexy boudoir for a Valentine’s dag gift

  2. Betty Napier says:

    Interested in prices and location. Need a boudoir session.

  3. Jenn brogan says:

    Interested in a few boudoir photos for my hubby need pricing please and do I have to do my makeup and hair

  4. brittany burrell says:

    Very interested in a session. Looking for summer or fall. Preferably summer. Thank you!

  5. Angelica Thomas says:

    Interested in pricing and session

  6. Carrie says:

    Looking for additional information. Please let me know pricing, availability and any other important info.



  7. Heather Meder says:

    Interested in a Boudoir session

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