Shortridge Family – Twinsburg Family Photographer

Three is sometimes the coolest number…

This may come as news to some people, but I happen to come from a family of all females; as in, I have threesisters; one older and two younger. I know, my Dad is one lucky guy 🙂

As soon as Kelly emailed me for a session with her three girls, I was instantly thinking of awesome ideas for the shoot. The props that were chosen included; a pink parasol, vintage rotary telephone and lots of bubbles. Well I could only find colored bubbles (which ended up being a gi-normous mess and FYI; the colored bubbles, aka “war-paint” play a part in some of these images!) and they were without-a-doubt the most popular of the three props.
This family is sweeter than honey…times three! Enjoy their sneak peek 🙂

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