Ali + Dan Married – Cleveland Wedding Photographer

This Saturday started off like any other normal, wedding day; a beautiful woman was about to marry the man of her dreams…except this wasn’t just any ordinary couple. Ali’s family is very near and dear to my heart, which made this day pretty special for me, as well 🙂

The bridal party started the morning off right – relaxing, drinking bubbly and getting ready in Little Italy. After some photos, we headed to a residence in Cleveland Heights where the ceremony and reception took place. They had a white tent set up, hung from the top were Chinese lanterns in various shades and all of the flowers were stunning (all from Costco, by the way!). In between, we had some time to head over to Cain Park and snap a few shots. Overall, the day couldn’t have gone any better – congratulations again Ali & Dan!

PS – another big ‘thank you’ to my husband, for photographing with me.

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