A Very Vogue Idea – Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Attention gorgeous ladies 🙂

I am putting together a Vogue/GQ/Boudoir Photoshoot. I’m talking stilettos, red lipstick, false eyelashes, men’s button-downs, funky chunky jewelry…these are just a few of ideas, nothing is off limits! This is a great gift for boyfriends or husbands (hint hint).

What I need from you: $20/person, come prepared with outfits, hair/makeup done, bring a friend. I also ask that you allow me to use the photos in my portfolio (website, blog).

What you get from me: A final disc with 20 of your best images and I’ll book the hotel room!

Interested? email me for more information: kalyn.mann@gmail.com

*photo courtesy of stylecrave.com

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